Encounters with Wonderful "Items"

In Japan and the world, there are many high quality "items" in modern days.
Encountering your supreme "item"… is it coincidence, or is it inevitable?

PORT-MART's concept is a port town, connecting "items" and "people".
We introduce with confidence our select wonderful "items",
created by artists/craftsmen/brands all over Japan and overseas.

Once you enter PORT-MART, you are sure to encounter your favorite "items" committed to detail, with passion, and great design.

Our Values - Commitment to "PORT-MART Quality"

We define PORT-MART quality as "feeling good".

"Feeling good" when you touch it.
"Feeling good" when it fits your life-style.
"Feeling good" when the item is safe and comforting.
"Feeling good" when you give the item as a gift.
"Feeling good" when you can feel the artist/craftman's challenge spirit.

Introducing artists and items for which our buyers' senses clicked.
This is PORT-MART's commitment to quality.