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cowleather plain belt 30mm, BLACK / SLOW

¥7,150 (Including tax)
(exc tax ¥6,500)
Price in points: 6500 points
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30mm Cow Leather Plain Belt

This remarkable belt is simple, made with cow leather and a matching brass buckle.
The leather is made by the world renown Tochigi Leather Company, famous for their vegetable tannin tanner.
The scratches and veins apparent on the surface are characteristic of natural leather and they enhance the authentic leather look on each SLOW piece.
The wallets and small leather items all come in original SLOW boxes.
The items are wrapped in wax paper reminiscent of the American Wild West.

Size : M: Approx. 3cm wide; Approx. 100cm long; Waist size approx.. 76cm-91cm
   L: Approx. 3cm wide; Approx. 106cm long; Waist size approx.. 82cm-97cm

Materials: Cow Leather (Tochigi Leather Company), Brass

Natural leather may have grooves and fine scratches that make each piece unique.
When exposed to water, absorb the water with a soft cloth and leave the leather in the shade to dry.
If the leather is stained with an oil-based substance, apply a small amount of leather cleaner on a dry cloth and gently wipe over the stain.
Each product is hand-dyed and may cause discoloring during initial use.
Depending on your display settings, the colors in the photograph may differ from those of the actual product.
The specs of our products are subject to change without advance notice.