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¥3,300 (Including tax)
(exc tax ¥3,000)
7 days
Price in points: 3000 points
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Material: 600 denier polyester urethane coat
Dimensions: 11cm-side equilateral triangle

This is an original fabric with flamingoes printed all over.

This coin case allows you to sort coins and store them separately in the three compartments, which can be categorized by zipper color.

For example, you can put 500 yen coins in Pocket A, 100 yen and 50 yen in Pocket B, and 10 yen, 5 yen and 1 yen in Pocket C.
That way, you can quickly find the exact coins you are looking for.

It may take more time to sort the coins, but finding the coins will take less time and add an element of fun.

The inner two pockets are smaller, making it easier to remove coins. The third pocket is large enough to hold items like keys.

The 1000 denier CODURA nylon cloth is often used to make outdoor sports gear. 

This case can also be used to hold accessories, medicine, flash memory sticks or guitar picks.

A D-ring has been attached to allow for the case to be hung.

Uroko is a traditional Japanese triangular design that is said to serve as a charm against evil.

※There is a urethane lining on the back of the 600 denier cloth. We use YKK VISLON zippers.

※Depending on your display settings, the colors in the photographs may differ from those of the actual products.
※The specs of our products are subject to change without advance notice.


¥5,500 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥5,000)
¥3,300 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,000)
¥3,300 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,000)
¥3,300 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,000)
¥3,300 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,000)
¥3,300 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥3,000)