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DS American Earrings S2P (Set) 001 / Fil et bijou

¥4,536 (Including tax)
(exc tax ¥4,200)
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Price in points: 4200 points
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These American earrings are a standard item at Fil et bijou.
Both the motif and the beautiful gold arch sway delicately.
The fina build of these earrings makes it very easy to thread through one's ear.
Each motif, a combination of embroidery yarn and glass beads, is only approximately 0.2g.
The light motif will sway lightly and is very easy to wear.

Materials: Motif: 100% Cotton Embroidery Yarn, Glass Beads
Metal Clasp: Plated,Plastic

"Diamond Structure"
Embroidery yarns are threaded through the glass beads numerous times to replicate the beautiful structure and delicate radiance of a diamond.
This original technique does not require any adhesives.
Therefore, the item can be washed clean of sweat and sebum after use.

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¥10,584 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥9,800)