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Sim Arm Chair / KOMA

¥86,900 (Including tax)
(exc tax ¥79,000)
Price in points: 79000 points
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Among traditional craftsmen are smiths who create edged tools used to make furniture, such as planes, chisels and knives.

These craftsmen have built the foundation of Japanese high quality manufacturing technology.
koma values Japanese traditional manufacturing technology. Their "sim chair" is their first attempt at mass production exceeding 100 lots.
They have succeeded in achieving productivity without compromising their handmade delicate touch.

The frame is designed so that any craftsman can easily shape and build the chair. The crest rail has been carved by a skilled craftsman.
The delicate line, smooth texture and comfortable fit are made possibly only by a truly skilled human hand.

This koma chair is mass produced but carries the air of a unique handmade piece.

Size:W580 D500 H750 SH420

Chosen as one of "The Wonder 500" by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Exhibited during PARIS DESIGN WEEK 2015
Awarded the first "Prize for Encouragement" at the WOOD FURNITURE AWARD 2015 (100-year-old cedar version)

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