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kudu -mini wallet, BLACK / SLOW

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Kudu Mini Wallet

This wallet is made from leather from the Kudu, an African mammal.

The kudu has two twisted horns and its hide is either reddish or a grayish blue with a few white vertical stripes down its body.
Each kudu has unique stripes.
The horns are used to make instruments, and the South African vuvuzela favored by soccer fans is said to have originated from kudu horns.
The kudu is an extremely rare animal, and its leather has a distinct feel and varying stripes that make each piece unique.
The kudu is a member of the antelope family of the Artiodactyla order. The Japanese Kamoshika (serow) is also of the same order.
This leather is both firm like cow leather and tender like Kamoshika leather. In addition, grain leather is scrubbed with wax to create a unique texture.
This kudu leather is from Charles F Stead Company in the UK. This company, founded in 1904, also supplies suede for the Clarks Desert Boot.
Each product is uniquely scratched and wrinkled as typically natural leather is.
This leather is a favorite for its one of a kind texture and appearance.

Size:Approx. 9.5cm by 8.5cm by 3cm

Materials: Kudu Leather (Charles F. Stead Company, UK)

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