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Little Tear-Drop Earrings / HARIO Lampwork Factory

¥5,500 (Including tax)
(exc tax ¥5,000)
7 days
Price in points: 5000 points
In stock

The pieces are strewn together on a chain.
The chain looks three dimensional, causing the glass to sparkle.

Size of glass: Φ (Diameter) approx. 4×6mm
Length of chain: Approx. 45mm
Brass / Red brass: Gold-plated

※Each is handmade and may differ slightly in size and shape.
※Depending on your display settings, the colors in the photographs may differ from those of the actual products.
※The specs of our products are subject to change without advance notice.


¥5,280 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥4,800)
¥5,280 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥4,800)
¥6,930 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥6,300)
¥7,480 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥6,800)
¥7,480 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥6,800)
¥8,580 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥7,800)