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PORT-MART's Original merippa "Lighthouse," blue stripes 1604PMMRP06 / merippa

¥5,060 (Including tax)
(exc tax ¥4,600)
Price in points: 4600 points
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This original model is designed with the lighthouse, PORT-MART's symbol, printed on the denim lining.
Three types of lighthouses are asymetrically printed on the material.

Outer Material 78% Cotton, 22% Polyethylene
Lining 100% Cotton
Insulation 100% Polyester
Rib 95% Cotton, 5% Polyurethane

They are like slippers, but they are not like slippers at all. The material is soft, lightweight and fluffy.
The knit fabric will fit the foot and wrap gently. You will not feel stress from wearing them for extended periods of time.
The heel is a rib knitting, which prevents slipping off, and will quickly return to its original shape after being stepped on.
The reversible characteristic allows for more fun.
The insulation is firmly sewn in, so these shoes can be machine washed!
They can be used indoors, on vacation or a special occasion, or simply as a gift to a special someone.

※Handling Instructions for merippa
1. Avoid exposing to direct sunlight for extended periods of time to prevent risk of discoloring.
2. Avoid leaving wet merippas unattended to prevent color staining.
3. Do not wash with other items to avoid color migration. There may be some discoloring or color fading as a result of washing.
4. Avoid tumble dryers, as product may shrink.
5. Use only laundry detergent with no flourescent brightening agents to avoid discoloring.

※Instructions for Use
Do not run or jump while wearing merippa.
Take caution not to slip or fall while wearing merippa.

※Depending on your display settings, the colors in the photographs may differ from those of the actual products.
※The specs of our products are subject to change without advance notice.