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These bags were inspired by old American totebags that were used to carry work tools.
The bulky copper rivets give these totebags a rugged yet simple look.

Size: Approx. W45cm, H30cm, D16cm
Materials: #4 Canvas, Tanned Cowhide, Copper Rivets

About Persimmon Tannin…
There are written records of Japanese persimmon tannin dating back to the Heian Era (794-1185AD).
Persimmon tannin has continued to play an essential role as an antiseptic, waterproofing, and insect repellant agent used on fishing nets, wood work, as well as as a basecoat on wooden architecture.
Persimmon tannin liquid is made by pulverizing premature astringent persimmons and then aging the compressed liquid for years.
The liquid gradually changes from a yellow green to its final mahogany color.
Items that are dyed using this persimmon tannin liquid will deepen over time, and users can enjoy the aging color with use.
With the added waterproofing effect, these persimmon tannin dyed bags may be ideal not only as fashion items but also for their practicality.

Handling Instructions
※Persimmon tannin dyeing is a form of plant dye.
Though each item has been processed with a mordant, friction may cause is discoloring.
In particular, black items dyed using iron mordant may discolor. Be careful when using with clothing of lighter colors.
The fading color with use will become an added characteristic to your bag.
※Over time, the coloring will gradually deepen.
※Avoid washing leather parts. Other areas should be handwashed with water. (Avoid using detergents, as they may cause a chemical reaction resulting in discoloring.)

※At P. T. WORKS & DESIGN, each persimmon tannin dyed bag is handmade.
Therefore, the dyeing and color density may be slightly different and unique from any other item.
The colors seen on your computer monitor may differ slightly from those of the actual product.
※The specs of our products are subject to change without advance notice.