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Wood Grain Flat Plate, Round, Ginsai (in a Kiri box) / ryosuke ando ceramic

¥11,220 (Including tax)
(exc tax ¥10,200)
Price in points: 10200 points
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Ryosuke Ando is a renowned and award-winning artist.
Ryosuke Ando adds a modern touch to the traditional Seto Yaki and Ginsai craftwork.
The Ginsai ornamentation on wood grain adds a warmth to the cold porcelain.
The unique coloring resulting from the Ginsai on white porcelain will add beauty to your everyday dish.

Material: Porcelain; Decorative Pattern: Grain, Ginsai; Casting Method: Molding
Dimensions: Φ120 x H12mm

※Chomon is hand-carved, therefore each design is slightly different.
※The dimensions and pricing is per item.
※Depending on your display settings, the colors in the photographs may differ from those of the actual products.
※The specs of our products are subject to change without advance notice.

Handling Instructions
Precautions for when handling Ginsai dishes:
Avoid using bleach, as it may stain the dish permanently.
Dishes cannot be used in the microwave.
Discoloring may occur when foods with large quantities of vinegar or high-temperature foods such as freshly fried items are placed directly on the dish.

In addition, the color will darken over time due to sulfurizing.
Frequent use wil(and periodic cleaning) l prevent changes in color. Use a soft sponge to wash dishes.

The darkened color can be removed through the following steps.

Care and cleaning of Ginsai dishes:
Create a paste by mixing baking soda with water. Gently polish the darkened areas with this paste to restore its original shine.
(This is how Ryosuke Ando cleans his dishes.)
Those with sensitive skin should wear rubber gloves.