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Gyosan with color gradation dying native to Nara, Red / SUNNY NOMADO

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Gyosan with color gradation dying native to Nara
Flip flop sandals endorsed by Japanese fishermen
They have a firm grip even on slippery surfaces onboard fishing boats.
Gyosan gradually became known through word of mouth by divers, fishermen and surfers.
Since the gyosan is made using a single piece of pellet resin and therefore a color gradation design was not considered possible. But with the joint effort of SUNNY NOMADO's design, Japan's PEARL brand Gyosan and a leading dyehouse in Japan; it is no longer impossible.

These sandals date back to 1968 when the Ogasawara Islands were returned to Japan. Since then, fishermen have been wearing these flip flops made of domestic pellet resin.
The sandal thong and sole are made of one single piece, providing durability and no fear of the thong coming loose.
They have been designed to grip wet surfaces, so they don't slip on smooth surfaces like tile floors.
This new design embeds its original practicality while adding original colors by NOMADO.

※ Immediately after the dying process, the distinction between the coloring is clear. But with time (approximately 6 months), they will gradually merge into a more natural gradation. Please understand that some colors may blend over time.
※ Each item is dyed by hand and no two are the same. We hope you will enjoy the differences between each unique sandal.