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only one tarun pants Long, cotton100% 002 / tamaki niime

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[tarun pants]
These one-of-a-kind pants are woven on a 1965 model belt power loom.
The name "tarun" implies its cute, round silhouette.
These pants go well with sneakers or sandals in spring/summer as well as with tights or leggings and boots in fall/winter and therefore can be worn year-round.
Like all of tamaki niime's products, these are a one-of-a-kind design and are popular for their comfortable texture.
The elastic waist band makes these pants a fashionable choice for expecting mothers which can be worn even after childbirth.

Waist size: Approx. 65cm〜90cm (Elastic); Total length = Approx. 86cm with an approx. 70cm rise

[Handling Instructions for pants]
These pants are designed for easy everyday use.
100% cotton pants can be handwashed or machine washed in a laundry net.
Wool pants must be dry cleaned.

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¥20,900 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥19,000)
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¥13,200 (Including tax) (exc tax ¥12,000)
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