Privacy policy

At "PORT-MART", we limit our use of personal information to ensure our customers' privacy. We handle our customers' personal information with caution.

The following is our policy at "PORT-MART" for protecting personal information.

The personal information we collect from our customers will be used solely for the purpose of developing and providing innovative functions and services, and information will be handled with caution.

This privacy policy holds true only for services provided through "PORT-Mart".

(The boundaries are specified below in Paragraph One.)

Unless otherwise specified, information will not be used for other purposes. (Purpose of use is specified below in Paragraph Two.)

Unless otherwise specified, information will not be disclosed to third parties. (Management of information is specified below in Paragraph Two.)

We will periodically manage information appropriately according to methods stated in this policy.

"PORT-MART" has the right to change our privacy policy without the consent of our users. When such changes occur regarding the collection of personal information or use of information, "PORT-MART" will publish changes on our website and reflect changes in this privacy policy.

1. The boundaries of the "PORT-MART" privacy policy

The "PORT-MART" privacy policy applies only to members who use our services.

All personal information we collect from members who use our services at "PORT-MART" will be managed based on the principles of personal information protection.

The principles of "PORT-MART"'s personal information protection hold true solely for services directly linked to "PORT-MART" and are not associated with organizations and companies linked to "PORT-MART".

Each user is responsible for appropriate use of services at "PORT-MART".

"PORT-MART" is not responsible for any damage resulting from the use of information obtained from other websites linked to our website.

"2. Collection and Use of personal information at ""PORT-MART""

At ""PORT-MART"", we require personal information from our members in order to develop and provide innovative functions and services."

Each user is responsible for managing his/her ID and password. We encourage users to periodically change their passwords and avoid using easily predictable passwords such as names, dates of birth and telephone numbers.

In addition, we discourage the disclosing, sharing, or loaning of IDs or passwords even among friends and acquaintances.

At "PORT-MART", we will use the personal information we collect only as needed to provide our services and will not disclose information to third parties except for in the cases stated below.

"With the consent of our members through email transactions, personal information may be shared for the following purposes:

-- when companies with whom ""PORT-MART"" has non-disclosure agreements with (such as outsourcers) require personal information."

-- when "PORT-MART" or our business alliances send email or direct mail for advertising purposes, to notify members when they are violating the "PORT-MART" terms of service and there is a need to protect other members', third parties' or "PORT-MART"'s rights and property

-- when "PORT-MART" is commanded to disclose personal information to a court of law or a government agency or if required by law; when information is required for criminal investigation or to eliminate or prevent a third party's infringement of rights.

Members consent to the use of personal information as mentioned above without objection.

"In the following cases, ""PORT-MART"" will share members' personal information with business partners.

-- when required for special membership services or business purposes"

"In this case, information will only be disclosed with the consent of our members.

-- when compiling statistical data or market research or data analysis

In this case, information will be processed in such a way that individual members cannot be identified or specified."

"3. Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the principles stated regarding personal information, please email us at the address below:"

Personal Information Management: